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There are tons of free resources out there to aid in your career journey. Here are a few we especially like and some tips for your research:

Take a look at the LTCC Majors and see if any stand out to you. Your major doesn't necessarily have to be in the exact area that you want to pursue! If you plan on transferring to a 4-year school, your major at that school may not exactly match up either. It's a good idea to meet with a counselor to discuss your transfer plans to make sure you get every class that you need.

If the majors seem too specific, check out our Meta Majors. A meta major is a grouping of similar majors and can help you narrow things down. Eliminate the groupings that you don't want. Look at the ones that remain and try to pick one that appeals to you most. 

Here are common careers that each major might lead to. 

You might not end up having a career in the field you major in at all. Employers like to see that you have a degree, which may indicate that you can stick with things and that you have strong critical thinking skills. 

Check out this video for more tips and resources:
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