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Transfer Programs

Make a virtual, in-person, or phone appointment with an LTCC counselor to make a transfer plan here

University of Nevada, Reno

Forest Ecology and related majors

Humboldt State

Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Department of Forest and Fire Sciences

Nationwide Programs

Forestry search results from

UC Davis

College of Agriculture and Environmental Science

UC Berkeley

College of Natural Resources

job search & Networking
Sierra Institute

 Sierra Institute has advanced integrative programs that support rural environmental, economic, and community health at local, regional, and national levels.

Career Resources

Find out potential paths you can take with the major in which you're interested.

O*Net: Forestry

Descriptions of forestry-related jobs/careers.

My Next Move: Forestry

Career and pathway explorer for forestry Great for reseraching!

OOH: Forestry

Data and information about job outlook in the US.

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